F1 Driver of the Day | Gastón Mazzacane

It seems fitting to start off this new daily series with Gastón Mazzacane, an Argentine driver who competed in 21 Grand Prix for Minardi and Prost, from 2000-2001.

Whilst he didn’t win any championships, or races, or get any poles, podiums, fastest laps or even points, Mazzacane is best remembered for his classic overtake on Mika Häkkinen at Indy in 2000, where he even ran in 3rd position, until he did this….

So you may be wondering, why is he the driver of the day? Well, he is probably one of the most known pay-drivers in Formula 1, and was sacked by Alain Prost in 2001 for not reaching clauses in his contract, but took away vital sponsorship from Prost in the form of Pan-American Sports Network. The team folded at the end of the year.

Gastón, you’re a legend.

International F3000 results:

Years competed: 1996-1999
Races: 29
Teams: Auto Sport Racing, Team Astromega, GP Racing
Wins: 0
Points: 2
Best Result: 6th (x2)
Highest Standing: 21st (1998)

Formula One results

Years competed: 2000-2001
Races: 21
Teams: Minardi, Prost
Wins: 0
Points: 0
Best Result: 8th (2000 European Grand Prix)
Highest Standing: 21st (2000)

Champ Car results

Years competed: 2004
Races: 10
Teams: Dale Coyne Racing
Wins: 0
Points: 73
Best Result: 6th (2004 Molson Indy Toronto)
Highest Standing: 17th (2004)

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